In-house manufacturing capacities have been characteristic for steelconcept ever since its founding in 2001: Modern and purposeful machinery occupying over 2,500 m² of production floor space, a meaningful combination of industrial automation and manual machining, and certified quality to DIN EN 1090.

Our key manufacturing competencies are applied specifically to the core processes. Precision and efficiency, experience and plausibility determine all activities. For all other steps of the value chain and for certain specialised machining tasks, we have built up a strong and well-attuned network of predominantly local partners. Deadlines, logistics and continuous quality control are nevertheless coordinated by us. The client can thus still rely on the principle of “everything from one source”, irrespective of whether others have assisted us along the way – that we guarantee.

Independent production monitoring, in-house training and regular personnel development are instruments we use within the framework of a continuous improvement process. The world around us is changing constantly, and that means that our own organisation must never stop learning and adapting.