For many years now, we have been realising projects abroad for our clients on a regular basis:

Especially where the focus is placed on design-oriented steel constructions, there have been countless opportunities to become involved in extraordinary projects throughout Europe and even beyond. Impressive textile architecture to which we have contributed can be found on practically every continent.

Components designed and manufactured for machine and plant engineering clients are similarly in use all over the world. Whether shielded cabins for high voltage testing systems, special machine frames or control platforms for production lines – on-site erection can also be added to our scope of services upon request from the client and is organised by our experienced specialists.

Last but not least, the hall and office buildings which our domestic clients plan for their international locations are frequently occasions for us to become active outside Germany and the EU. This includes projects for which we assume the role of (joint) general contractor.

steelconcept possesses two own representations abroad:

  • Subsidiary SteelArt.UA GmbH with an independent production facility, established 2004 in Khmelnytskyi (West Ukraine).


  • Branch office steelconcept GmbH Podruznica Skopje, opened in Macedonia in 2015.

Our internationalisation activities are not merely an end in themselves. We focus on those segments where we can generate added value for our clients. Home loyalty and foreign business are two sides of the same coin – both function only when taken together.