What drives us

  • We are focussed on customer-specific project business.

Whether “down-to-earth” machine and plant engineering or “futuristic” design architecture – every project is equally important to us.

  • Creative, engineering and planning services are our core competencies.

The objective is to offer the client suitable and helpful solutions. Our project responsibility begins with the initial idea and ends only after complete delivery.

  • Own production is a key aspect of our value creation.

But this in no way limits our performance capabilities. For us, reliability is also the basis for all relationships with suppliers.

  • Constant further development and innovation are prerequisites for future competitiveness.

To this end, we are involved in various networks with industrial and research partners, because the quest for knowledge and new products sometimes calls for stamina and patience.

  • And finally: People are the measure and pivot of all business activities – whether external or internal, both in the present and in the future.

That is our understanding of sustainability.