Corporate profile

What steelconcept stands for

The name says it all: Steel and concepts – internationally.


Steel is the focus of all our projects. It is a versatile material – strong, efficient and aesthetic. These properties also describe important corporate values which steelconcept represents and against which we measure our performance. That has been the case for 15 years now, and is to remain so in future.

The word “concept” derives from the Latin verb concipere. There are various aspects to its meaning: To take in, to understand, to adopt, to form ideas. That also describes our understanding of dialogue, whether with customers, employees, partners or society as a whole.

But why English? After all, we manufacture in Germany and many of our projects are realised in Saxony. At the same time, however, we gladly accompany and support our clients in their international business. And we are equally open and welcoming to everyone we encounter at home, irrespective of their background.

In other words: steelconcept is more than just a label; it describes the very “ingredients” of our company. And we attach particular importance to ensuring that you receive everything which is promised by the name on the package.

Key data

  • Owner-managed company
  • Project-specific steel construction for architecture and industry, with turnover amounting to €6 to 7 million, including 15% from foreign clients
  • 25 employees in Chemnitz, of whom 18 work in the production centre with in-house training facilities
  • Production certified to DIN EN 1090, occupying 2,500 m² of floor space and processing approx. 2,000 tonnes of construction steel per year.